Sites of the Synthetic is a project of design, guided by two questions:
How might a landscape of possible intelligences take form?
How might we reorient ourselves accordingly?

This work demands a conceptualization of spatial and structural, theoretical and narrative components.

Broadly speaking, the Sites of the Synthetic calls on design elements from three distinct categories— operators, constraints, and operations. Each element varies in function, and together they form the preconditions for a synthetic intelligence.

There has never been a more pressing moment for this kind of project. As the technological capacities of artificial intelligence mature into their potential, as the human is de-centred from its position of privilege, and as the planet nears a number of bifurcation points, new modes of intelligibility –– hence new modes, new models of intelligence –– are no longer an aspiration, but a necessity, for a viable terraforming.

©  The Terraforming 2021
Strelka Institute for Media Architecture and Design
Faculty: Nicolay Boadjiev, Benjamin Bratton

Joel Fear
Nicole Fitzgerald
Lera Shynkarova

New Zealand